How to Pick the Right Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Accident

Choosing an attorney is easier said than done, however. What should you look for in a personal injury attorney?


Being injured in a car accident is something no one wants to experience, but unfortunately, it happens. If your injuries are serious, it’s probably in your best interest to hire a personal injury attorney to help you navigate the insurance companies and medical system to get the settlement you deserve. Personal injury lawyers are familiar with the laws that apply to your case, they have worked with insurance companies before, and they have experience in the courtroom, should your case escalate that far.

Choosing an attorney is easier said than done, however. What should you look for in a personal injury attorney?

Look for an attorney that specializes in personal injury.

Lawyers that specialize in other areas may be able to take on your case, but a personal injury attorney is intimately familiar with the laws surrounding car accidents and personal injuries and will be able to get you the best settlement possible. Choosing a lawyer experienced in this area will also ensure that your case moves efficiently.

Choose a lawyer that has a good track record and is willing to take cases to court, if necessary.

Of course, you will want an attorney who has a history of winning cases, but you also want to hire someone who is willing to go to court. If a lawyer isn’t inclined to take your case to trial, they are more likely to settle with an insurance company for a fraction of what you deserve.

Pick an attorney you can be honest with and feel comfortable around.

It may sound a little trite, but if you can’t be honest with your attorney and you don’t feel comfortable around them, you’re not likely to be happy with the job they do. You should be able to discuss your case openly with them to ensure you’re on the same page and they’re setting you up to get the best settlement possible.

Make sure your attorney has the time to dedicate to your case. If an attorney has a heavy caseload, your case may not get the attention it deserves. This can result in a lawsuit taking longer than it should, an unfavorable settlement, or both. Ask your attorney what their current caseload is like and whether or not they will be able to dedicate the proper amount of time to your case.

Check with your State Bar Association. Your State Bar Association will be able to tell you if your accident attorney is in good standing. If they aren’t, you’ll want to steer clear. You can find your state’s Bar Association by simply searching the name of your state and “bar association” in your favorite search engine.

Don’t rush into hiring a lawyer and don’t rely on advertising to help you make your decision. Start by asking family, friends, and coworkers if they’ve ever hired a personal injury lawyer and if so, ask if they’d recommend him or her. Your State Bar Association can also recommend a lawyer to fit your needs, and many Bar Associations have a database online that the public can search. Once you have some recommendations, be sure to speak with a few different attorneys before making your final decision.

Don’t try to handle injuries from a car accident alone. An experienced accident attorney will guide you through the complicated legal system to get you the compensation you deserve.

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