How Alternative Assets Can Help Protect Your Retirement


by Tanya Johnson,

It’s impossible to predict what will happen to the economy in future. Therefore, many individuals are seeking alternative assets to protect their retirement funds. Smart investors opt to invest in something that they have concrete information. So let’s talk about some crucial information on how alternative assets can help you to remain stable after retirement.

Why Alternative Assets?

When we talk about alternative assets, it means thinking beyond bonds and stocks, which allows us to start focusing more on investing in tangible assets like small businesses, real estate, and gold. With the increase in interest rates, it’s essential to look for diverse ways of investing, such as opening a self-directed IRA to get out of paper or traditional assets.

Traditional IRAs were established in 1974 and allow anyone to invest in a myriad of alternative assets. This alternative investment offers security by reducing the risk of interfering with your retirement savings, and actively hedging against inflation and economic downturns.

Types of alternative assets:

Real estate

In the modern society, people are always seeking places to live and operate their businesses. Real estate is an industry that is expected to keep growing in the future. You can choose to invest in the industry using loans, cash or even your IRA. The main advantage of considering real estate as an alternative is that there are no limitations on the type of properties you can choose. You can be sure to reap good profits if you sell the property in the future as real estate keeps appreciating in value.


Gold in many instances gets used as an insurance policy by many investors. It is rare, appealing and expensive to buy. Many people prefer investing in gold than other precious metals because it is an asset that never depreciates.

It offers protection for your retirement against inflation and economic downfalls. Gold is a crucial asset that cannot get interfered with by the government because it is legal and alluring.

Private lending

This is definitely not a well-known investment type, and that’s not because it’s not sought after or profitable, it’s just that it’s an industry secret. When you lend out with a self-directed IRA, you’re essentially acting as a bank, so you can set all of the terms of the loan. You’re also able to be picky about who you loan to, how much their monthly payments will be, and what the interest rates are like.

The amount of assets you want depends on how much you are willing to invest, but it’s common to hear people spending 50% of their savings in alternative assets. However, you have to take caution when purchasing possessions because a prohibited transaction may affect the status of your account.

Additionally, you should work with a specialist to help you know and understand what investment to consider for a perfect retirement period. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in safe alternative assets that are likely to bear good fruits in the future.

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