Bitcoin Block Chain Fairy Dust vs Fractional Reserve Infinite Fiat Controlled Deceptions

BitCoin is trading at around $ 9000 to the US Dollar; up 800%!  This is big big news! What is it? What's going on?


by Centurion Antonius Roman Legio Xlll

BitCoin is trading at around $ 9000 to the US Dollar; up 800%!  This is big big news! What is it? What’s going on?

Fractional Reserve (Central Bank)s infinite fiat debt scam is transferred to latest digital data base crypto currency Fairy Dust technology.

Crypto technology’s entire algorithm computer programming correlates to a single computer keyboard data base stroke. Offers no hidden transaction tracing is available to every alphabet government agency. Creates exponentially infinite fiat debt denominated dollars or Fairy Dust, out of thin air (ether).

Confirming, that the fractional reserve fiat debt monetary creation (is) not new technology. It is an identical algorithm mathematical transaction transferred to digital crypto currency technology perception or infinite rising value from (ether) thin air.

Conversely, a basic Pyramid Scam devoid of any; common sense, logic, value, or reason. Contrary to the inherent mathematical and Spiritual Laws of the Natural Universe. ref#8

Every Pyramid Scheme is a zero (0) sum game including the US Fiat debt based Dollar scam. Block chain technology crypto digital currency is an exact repeat of Fraction Reserve banking offering no new valid secure global financial systems.

Further, it is a gross misrepresentation that crypto currency’s offer an alternative to denominated fiat debt dollar value, circumventing existing banking financial systems, and offering untraceable recorded transaction history . No matter how much manufactured value (price rise out of thin air) one gains on this scam.

Trading debt denominated fiat dollars or buy and sell orders for Fairy Dust remains suspect. Marketers or insiders repeat the 323 year old (Central Bank)s formula and manufacture positive block chain perceptions ever expanding powerful data based $100,000’s value, to control the rigged outcome. ref #(13)ref#(10)

Therefore, the rigged prostrate stock markets including block chain technology digital currency creations are deceptive and controlled insider repeated scams. 1% own 99% of crypto currencies. So to follow logical mathematical formula, who would be driving the (ether) thin air Fairy Dust values to $1 million. It’s certainly not the 66-2/3% of US population, who do not have $500 savings for emergencies.ref#(13)

Pyramid scam techniques defy the “Spiritual and Universal Laws of the Universe”. An absolute total contradiction to the “Natural and Spiritual Laws of the Universe” e.g. “Nothing in the Universe goes up every Day” “the Sun does not Shine every Day” and “Money Creation out of Thin Air (ether) does not Rise in Value”ref#(8)

By manipulating massive volumes of naked buy sell contracts increasing prices daily to infinite new highs. Fairy Dust (ether) value is now transferred back and forth, settled in worthless fiat paper dollar denomination.

Digital Crypto Currency scam is now the replacement for the exhausted daily transactions by (Central Bank)s fractional reserve money creation out of thin air (QE) or Quantitative Easing.

Commencing in 2008, with the financial meltdown, the (Central Bank)s existing lower scale intensity computer stroke data based technology needed replacement or highly sophisticated updated algorithm cryptography. ref#(1)ref#(4)ref#(6)ref #(1)ref#(4)

Manufactured manipulation results are, betrayal to global citizenry, controlled opposition, Cultural Marxist agenda, and exponential (ether) rising financial crypto market values.ref #(11)(12)

Conclusion, computer currency algorithm cryptography value is an illusion and gross betrayal. Basically formed to collude with the NSA spy agency their professional financial and academic insiders to transfer all assets e.g. (real estate, stock, bonds) to record all transactions for tax liability, illegal money transfers and confiscation.

Total absolute control to accomplish “One World Currency.” The New World Order global agenda currently operates in renaming and replacing of statues, holiday’s, polarizing the historical fabric of Sovereign America into a Cultural Marxist nightmare. A bellicose agenda waged against all financial, economic, ethnic, religious, nationality, shadowing true Universal financial monetary values. ref. #(11)(12)

A betrayal that includes the assault on the Natural and Spiritual Order of the Universe. Universal Laws that cannot be altered or legislated by man made dictum. Total war Is now part and parcel polarizing of the controlled opposition Cultural Marxist agenda to mask all financial and economic frauds.

A delusional global financial system continuing to expand theft of the planets finite resources, while masking Fairy Dust values.

Ratcheting up war against; global citizenry ethos, faith, trust, Constitutional Law, theft of assets, labor and wealth. Extended global criminal corruption for the next 323 years of the original Fraction Reserve banking scam.

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