True story of Under Aged Navy Veteran enlisted at 15 during WWII headed to film

Short film about the true story of a Navy Veteran who enlisted at the age of 15 during WWII heads to film festivals around the world.


Milwaukee, WI – Mount Liptak captures the untold true story of how thousands of young men and women enlisted underage in the military during World War II. The film focuses specifically on a true story of one 15 year old boy who enlisted in the Navy to be a pilot – Lester Liptak.

Mount Liptak follows Lester’s story and the choices that led him to enlisting at the age of 15 during WWII. After his Father was murdered for returning to work when on strike;

Lester must now provide for his family. He decided to forge his baptismal certificate in order to prove he is of legal age to enlist. The many sacrifices and challenges Lester endured are chronicled in this short film.

Lester’s untold story, along with those of many other underage children who enlisted in the armed services, inspired Ryan Allsop (Lester’s nephew) to write and direct Mount Liptak.

Later in life, Lester was a Plane Captain during Operation Deep Freeze, which was a mission to scientifically explore Antarctica and land the first plane on the continent. Mount Liptak, 10,013 ft. high, was first mapped by United States Geological Survey and U.S. Navy air photos from 1957-59.

Lester Liptak at the age of 15 after only 2 weeks of service.

Mount Liptak was named for Lester Liptak, as he was the crew chief on these first reconnaissance flights to the area in January, 1958 – including one flight where their plane crash landed safely. By the end of his Navy career Lester had served for over 24 years with over 12,000 hours logged in flight.

Mount Liptak was filmed in Milwaukee during June of 2017. The film has now been completed, including a custom soundtrack for the film. The film is in the process of being sent to dozens of film festivals around the world with the hopes of showing this untold true story to as many people as possible.

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