Financial freedom, wherever you live

Financial freedom



In this era of globalisation and digitalisation, it has become easier for the average person to settle down wherever they want and move whenever they want. The world is literally at your feet, and great adventures await you when you become an expat.

Perhaps this is your first expat experience, or maybe you have already lived in multiple countries. Chances are you will love living abroad, working overseas and travelling the world. And once you go down that road, you probably want to be able to maintain that lifestyle in retirement. Whatever your dreams are for the future, the key to achieving those dreams is financial freedom.

Free seminars to achieve financial freedom

Beacon Financial Education’s aim is to empower global mobility through financial freedom. By taking personal finances seriously whilst in your late 20s and 30s, gaining information from an independent financial advisor that understands global mobility, developing a financial plan, and regularly evaluating it, expats and internationals gain control of their financial health, achieving financial freedom in the long run.

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