A surefire cure for your hunger to eat at restaurants




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Green smoothies are calorie bombs. You need a lot of fruit and juice to combat that disgusting green flavor. Entrée salads can be stunningly high in fat and calories. Even something as basic as water with lemon is a risk. In one study, 70 per cent of restaurant lemons that were tested had bacterial contamination.

All of these foods appear on a list of 24 things you should never order when you eat out. The list is so comprehensive you may hesitate to ever eat out again. At least a little bit less restaurant dining would probably be good for your personal finances, as well as your health.

The food industry experts at Dalhousie University have noted an increasing tendency for Canadians to eat at restaurants instead of at home. Can we afford all this dining out? The question has to be asked when the latest numbers on indebtedness show households were ramping up borrowing just ahead of the two recent interest rate increases.

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