6 Women in Their 30s Share What They Wish They Knew About Money in Their 20s



By Megan Parry

Religion, politics, sex, money — they’re the topics we’re warned to avoid at the dinner table, but we believe these are the real-life issues that millennial women should be discussing on the regular. (Like, why are millennials cheating?) And while we may have come a long way on the first three (hooray for kickass female activists!), personal finances are something of a final frontier when it comes to openness.

But we think that can easily change with this generation of forward-thinking women. We asked six successful women in their 30s — who’ve had some time to reflect on the major financial milestones of their lives (we’re talking babies, weddings, salaries, vacations, and graduate school) — to give their younger selves (AKA you 20-somethings) a money talking-to. Think of it as a group chat with your older, wiser, been-there-don’t-do-that besties.

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