These #5 Apps are Helping Millennials Make Enough Savings


By Komal Nathani

Managing finances could be a daunting task for young professionals for whom month-ends are really tough with nearly dried up bank accounts. But what if an app could make you save enough every month? Personal finance apps might not make you a millionaire overnight, but can surely help you keep a track on your expenses and plan your budgets better.

Entrepreneur India gives a list of some cool apps that add some special features to your mobile phones and help you manage your finances methodically.

How about breaking down a monthly fixed budget into small categories of expenses like food, entertainment, travel etc. and then setting aside the cash meant for those in envelopes? A well-designed saving app, Mvelopes, has executed this simple idea with the help of technology. Once you exhaust one such envelope, you either wait till the next month for a refill or transfer money from another envelope.

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