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Money and finance


By Shelby Thevenot

In January of this year, two Montreal university students turned their passion for money and finance into a podcast. Nine months later, the pair are more than happy with the response they have so far received.

Ali-Reza Chattoo and Julien Sirard, both 22, are the creators of PFB (Personal Finance Boss) podcast that explains personal financing to a general audience, with a focus on communicating to students and young professionals.

“I really see in my department how people don’t even know rudimentary financial things like savings accounts, GICs or basic investments,” said Chattoo, who is studying kinesiology at Concordia University. “We’re not giving advice on what stocks or what investments to buy. We never do that. It’s more along the lines of really educating people on what’s out there, what investments are out there and how you can go about starting to prepare for your financial future.”

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