How to leverage technology for personal investing



Technology is affecting virtually every aspect of our lives.  It is disrupting how we shop, how we eat and sleep, how we travel, how we interact with each other, and, of course, how we manage our finances. Today’s column features the latter. I recently met up with renowned local financial planner J.R. Robinson, to ask him what he sees as some of the most disruptive and/or useful consumer technologies or apps for personal financial planning. For those of you who don’t know J.R., he is the owner of Financial Planning Hawaii and is co-founder and CEO of Nest Egg Guru, a subscription-based suite of applications that is marketed to independent financial advisers. 

J.R. has published numerous research papers in peer-reviewed academic journals and his commentary and articles are regularly featured the national financial news media. Earlier this year, leading consumer finance site Investopedia included J.R. among the top 100 most influential financial advisors in the U.S.  I met J.R. a couple of years ago, when Nest Egg Guru was going through the BlueStartups Accelerator program, and find him to be a valuable and insightful resource on all topics pertaining to consumer finance.

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