Educating Employees About Personal Finance: What’s Your Role?


By Kartheek Mulpuri

As the finance and operations lead at an early stage startup, I am also the subject matter expert on personal finance at the company, at least according to my Generation Z colleagues. I have often received one-off questions from them about topics ranging from robo-advisors to investing in cryptocurrency to 401(k) plan management.

Taking notice of these interactions, I recently gave a lunch and learn on new consumer finance technologies to my colleagues. As I walked through slides, touching on a number of subverticals ranging from the aforementioned robo-advisors to pay-as-you-go insurance to new borrowing paradigms, I was expecting half the folks to be paying attention and the others to be half-listening while typing away on their phones or laptops. Instead, despite the food-coma-inducing pizza making up the “lunch” portion of this lunch and learn, every attendee paid full attention throughout the presentation. Afterward, my audience asked great questions on the companies I discussed and privately mentioned to me the follow-up steps they were planning on taking.

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