A Millennial’s Guide to Spending (And Saving)


By Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

The earlier we start, the easier it is to save up for financial freedom — aka retirement. Why? The eighth wonder of the world: compound interest. While retirement may seem far off when we are young, compound interest (or interest on interest) makes it worth our while to start contributing funds to our retirement early on. Any contributions, including small amounts, make a huge difference when given the chance to accumulate.

While many millennials know the basic principles behind retirement savings, financial freedom doesn’t feel like a reality. For people in this generation, retirement either feels too far away to start saving for, or it feels like a total impossibility given their current financial picture. It’s something many of us worry about a lot.

If you don’t feel like financial freedom will ever be possible, the first thing to know is that you’re not alone in feeling this way.

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