Tax Tips To Help You Ace Your Finances This Year

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The countdown is on to Costco trips for bulk KD, building Ikea desks, and parents’ SUVs packed to the brim. Back-to-school is around the corner, and university students across the country will be saying bye to mom and dad and hello to independence. But as students dismiss their curfews, they’re forced to take on new responsibilities like doing their own laundry and managing their finances. While this won’t be new for all millennials, everyone can benefit from a study session on personal finance and tax tips.

Budgeting in the 21st Century

First things first, let’s talk budgeting apps. How will you know whether your part-time job at the pub can support your weekly Yoga classes and Friday nights out? The days of recording your expenses in an Excel doc are over. Take advantage of budgeting apps like Mint and YNAB (You Need a Budget) and get your finances straight.

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