More kids choose summer camps that focus on finance

Cape Town, South Africa

By Jessica Dickler

When Lauryn Luther earns money she is careful to set aside 15 percent in a rainy day fund right from the start. She also saves another 15 percent in an interest-bearing account for big expenses down the road, like college or a car. She then commits 30 percent to charity and spends the last 40 percent mostly how she sees fit – whether that’s on toys, a book or her favorite candy.

She’s a 10-year-old.

Lauryn is one of a growing number of children who have learned about money by enrolling in a summer camp focused on financial education.

Lauryn’s mom, Laura Luther, said her daughter excelled in all types of math, but the financial education component was missing from her school’s curriculum. So they turned to a summer session at Moolah U, an Austin, Texas-based finance program for children aged 8 to 15.

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