How One Immigrant Started Her Financial Journey in the U.S.



When you’re building a life in a new country, few things are as important as creating a solid financial footing for yourself or your family.

We asked financial advisor Anna Sergunina to draw on her experience as an immigrant to offer some personal finance tips for newcomers, including advice about saving and budgeting.

What kind of mindset can lead to financial success?

My family immigrated to the United States in the mid-1990s from the former Soviet Union. I was 15. Of course, I had no idea what budgeting was. All I knew was that I wanted to work and make my own money!

Here is what I wish someone told me when I was 15:

Learn: There is plenty of opportunity to earn money in this country, so a key first step is learning the ropes of how the personal finance system works here and how successful people do it.

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