Confidence in personal finances hits a four-year high


Political attacks on President Trump and his administration continue, amplified by media coverage that is often melodramatic, negative and manipulative — long on speculation and short on facts. Jittery voters are continually distracted and often confused by conflicting or shifting news accounts, along with anonymously sourced reporting and an emphasis on a select narratives that incorporate partisan opinion.

But this is the landscape Mr. Trump faces — along with obstruction by Senate Democrats. So far, only a quarter of the president’s nominations for administration posts have been confirmed, according to both the Republican National Committee and the White House itself. By this point in his presidency, 69 percent of former President Obama’s nominations had been confirmed.

Despite all of this, Mr. Trump has signed 37 bills into law six months into his presidency, more than all four of his predecessors — besting Mr. Obama, who had signed 24 bills by that time in office. At this point in their terms, George W. Bush had signed 15 bills, Bill Clinton 33 bills, and George H.W. Bush 35, according to a report from House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

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