Smart Financial Planning During Summer Season So Personal Finances Don’t End Up on Vacation with the Family



Summertime means warm weather, long nights, and road trips, but even when the family goes on vacation together it doesn’t mean that the family’s finances need to do the same. Experienced Maryland bankruptcy attorneys Goren & Tucci, LLC advise their clients that with the right financial planning, summer vacation doesn’t have to kill the family budget.

“It’s essential that you always stay on top of your finances, because they never should be on vacation even when you are,” says Robert K. Goren of the Maryland bankruptcy law firm Goren & Tucci. “That doesn’t mean you should be thinking about your budget while you’re on the beach, but instead, you should plan in advance so that you can actually enjoy that trip with great peace of mind, knowing your finances are safe and sound.”

One way to put that plan into action is by getting legal assistance stopping wage garnishment as well as creditor harassment. This can be accomplished through several means, including by bankruptcy’s automatic stay mechanism. As soon as bankruptcy is filed, the automatic stay is applied and wage garnishments cease. This lifts a huge financial strain, and opens up finances, allowing income to be applied as needed elsewhere.

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