No tax refund this year? 3 other ways to score extra cash

Time is money business philosophy

By Anna Helhoski

If you didn’t catch a break from Uncle Sam with a tax refund this year, you might be looking for other ways to pad your finances. Taking on a part-time gig may seem obvious, but you might not have the time. Instead, consider these three ways to bring in added income.

1. Refinance

With refinancing, your current loan is paid off and replaced with a new loan at a lower interest rate. Consider refinancing your auto loan, mortgage or student loan.

  • Mortgage refinancing is best if your credit has improved or you’re planning to stay in your home long-term, switching from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate, or getting rid of your private mortgage insurance. Refinancing your mortgage can carry fees ranging from 2% to 5% of the loan balance due.

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