Mothers must have a personal financial plan


By Martha Harris

Mothers have an incredible physiological uniqueness yet to be duplicated by the male species. Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World published in 1932 with his predictions of test tube babies produced en masse may be closer to realisation; but for today, every child entering our world is linked by an invisible umbilical cord to their birth mother.

The adorable child comes home to the waiting arms of birth, adoptive, foster, or guardian mothers where he or she will be nurtured carefully and lovingly to eventual adulthood. Then, like kites on a tailwind, the strings are cut. Up, up and away to freedom they fly, responsible only for themselves.

We mothers are left behind, sometimes empty emotionally, certainly questioning our own future path. We’ve been so used to sharing, caring, supporting, making sure that everyone is happy, that’s a mother’s job, is it not?

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