Earning an Income After Your Military Service

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Fighting for your country is a noble endeavor. You’ve defended democracy while making the world a better place. Now that you’ve come back home, you need to start a new career. You must find a job that will satisfy you as much as military service did, with a wage that is enough to support your family. Here’s a guide on earning an income after your military service.

Write Your Resume

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The first step to getting a job is selling yourself. You have achieved great things during your tenure as a veteran. Unfortunately, some of your accomplishments won’t make sense to civilians. Your training and certifications as a soldier aren’t the same in the business world.

Your accomplishments are actually more impressive to civilians, even when you’ve done the same thing. People understand that military service is harder. When a potential employer doesn’t understand your resume, however, he or she won’t understand that you’d make a great fit. List your accreditations in a way that makes sense to those who are not familiar with the military.

When writing your resume, you’ll need to translate your title. If you were an officer, that’s akin to corporate management. Describe yourself in these terms for clarity. Similarly, you shouldn’t say that you excelled at OERs. Instead, use the accepted business term of performance appraisal instead, noting that you had consistently high marks in the military equivalent. If you’re worried that you can’t clarify your military duties effectively, consider hiring a resume service. As you describe your skills to a resume writer, they’ll perform the title translation organically.

Find the Best Fit

Don’t expect to find a job the same week that you apply. You’re new to the job market, competing against others who have more experience. They’ll have a better understanding of the hiring process, and they’ll also have a professional track record that doesn’t require a detailed description.

Something you should do to close the gap is pick the right profession. Employers want to hire people who have experience in the industry, preferably with the same job duties. Your military roles prepared you for corporate America, even if the employer doesn’t realize it. What you should do is notate all your jobs and certifications in the military. Then, examine which job descriptions fit best with your skill set.

For example, soldiers who worked as action officers are top flight business analysts. It’s the same job, only with different terms for the military versus the business world. Similarly, if you earned a job as a commander, you’re already an experienced director, and those are in short supply in corporate America. Take an honest look at what you’ve done, and find its counterpart in the business world. That’ll reduce the time you need to find a civilian job.

Consider Freelancing

You’ve just finished your tenure as a soldier, the toughest job in the world. You haven’t worked a regular job before, and you may not like it. One of the best solutions for retired service members is freelancing. You can set your own hours and work as much or as little as you like. Plus, these jobs are always available, meaning that you don’t have to go through an extended interview process before you start working.

What type of freelancing job should you get? Since you have experience working under tight deadlines, a courier service like Postmates is a good option. You’ll receive package delivery instructions over your phone. Your only job is to take the package to its rightful destination, an easy gig for a military professional.

Alternately, you should consider a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft. You should have no problem working the morning rush hour shift, when most professionals head to their jobs. Since you’re used to working early hours, you can take advantage of surge pricing to earn more per hour.

Finally, you can maximize your earning power and create your own schedule working with Amway. It’s one of the leading multilevel marketing companies in the world. Plus, it sells Made in the USA products to make the country stronger. As a veteran, you’ll feel like you’re right at home at Amway.

Now that you’ve retired from active service, you can start your professional career. Follow the suggestions above to secure your future and provide for your family.

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