Advice For Building Your Instagram Following


Engage With Others And Follow Accounts

Instagram is really about reaching out to other users, not just posting your favorite photos. You’re supposed to be finding other great stuff you love in addition to posting your own stuff. There’s a reason everybody attaches #hashtags to their photos – they allow you to seek out other content – and other people – that matter to you and your niche. Make a habit of hunting down excellent photos, leave comments and likes, and follow the best accounts you can find. You’ll get a lot more attention in return, and once you start attracting friends of friends you can broaden your reach tremendously.

Ask Questions

One of the best ways to check the engagement of your followers is to ask them to do something for you. Why not add a survey, contest, or giveaway to your next post? Even asking for opinions and feedback can drive greater engagement. Use a compelling call to action to get your followers to think about you beyond just tapping the like button. This is particularly important for promotional Instagram accounts, as it allows you to learn more about potential customers. Good calls to action can even generate sales!

Use #Hashtags Properly

Every post you make to Instagram is a potential tool for growing your audience. Adding the right hashtags in your captions will make a tremendous difference and bring your content to the attention of Instagram users who are actively searching for something great. Provide it for them!

While there’s no upper limit on how many hashtags is too many, you want to avoid getting spammy. Spread your attention out too wide and you may not end up capturing any followers. Instead, do your homework and focus deeply on some selected hashtags that are highly relevant to your niche and the audience you’re trying to reach. Figure out which tags really resonate with your ideal followers and make a habit of using them on relevant posts.

Remember that you have a full 2,000 characters to use in each post’s caption. Get creative and exercise your storytelling talents! Sometimes a brief caption is all it takes to describe your photo, but be aware that devoting too much space to hashtags and too little space to words is a recipe for making your posts seem irrelevant. Don’t be afraid to relate the stories and ideas that each of your pictures brings forth!

Post Regularly And Consistently

When you start a new account, the biggest hurdle to overcome is making your feed look active. There’s simply no way to do this other than posting plenty of content. Based on research conducted by Union Metrics, top Instagram brands average roughly 1.5 posts per day. (Union Metrics is an analytic website specializing in social media.) You can post even more often as long as you keep the quality of your posts up.

Consistency and focus are important, too. While you’re always free to play around with the timing and theme of your posts, once you find a winning combination you should dedicate yourself to sharing similar stuff at a similar time every day.

Combine With Other Platforms

One useful way to think about your social media presence is as a collection of Legos. They’re designed to snap onto each other to build a larger structure! Many business owners looking for a promotional boost err by treating each of their social platforms as an independent tool. Building bridges across different channels is the real secret to social media success.

Here are some good tools to help grow your following:

Promote your Instagram account across your other social media outlets, like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Don’t neglect the possibilities of more web-based communities like Reddit, either.

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