Solving and Surviving the Annoying Office Habits


If you have ever been stuck in an office environment, then you can already picture the different types of people you’d be glad to be rid of. Some people are the nicest of individuals – the salt of the Earth – and just generally want to do well in life. That being said, they may still be nightmares to work with whether they know it or not. That is exactly why when it comes to some of the worst behaviors in the workplace, you should watch out for the following and make sure you think long and hard about how you can correct them.

Someone Can’t Keep Quiet

As Mashable lists, there are more than enough behaviors that are just annoying. However, people have quirks and that’s ok. You also have quirks and people don’t call you out on them, so there’s really nothing to worry about here. One action that can kill a full team or organization as a whole is when a certain employee just won’t stop talking. It can not only be one of the most detrimental things to productivity within the office, but it can also eliminate camaraderie  altogether.

No-one thinks having a quick chat at the water cooler is a bad thing. Being able to smile at your fellow workers is a great way to show them you respect them. And forwarding a funny email now and again is also a hilarious way to build a bond and let others know you are in it together. The guy or girl who continues to make work about anything other than work, however, is the one you will start to avoid and will even dread. Make sure if it becomes a problem you set them straight early on, otherwise your smiling and nodding will just encourage them.

Employee with Too Many Sick / Personal Days

There is always an employee in every office who pushes the uses of personal time. When it comes to long-term employment, it is a question of why they aren’t gone yet and when they will inevitably be let go for missing as many days as they do. However, in the meantime, it could dive-bomb your entire strategy of trying to be a good employee if you are depending on them and they are never there when you need them. The good news for you is by tapping into something like the power of huddle for office by BlueJeans you can actually have them on the line in just a few seconds, as if they were stationed at the desk next to you in the first place.

Treat Your Desk Like Your Bathroom

While anyone might have an excuse to correct something clearly bothering them, you don’t want to make your desk your bathroom area. The people who say they are just filing their nails so that they can type may have a point. However, when you start to do things like clip your nails, apply nail polish, or pick at your teeth with floss, it can start to become gross for others. Throw in the individuals who will then carry it forward and do something like tweeze their eyebrows right at their desk or even try to clip their toes over their wastebasket, and you can easily understand why office life isn’t for everyone. Make sure you politely tell them to avoid doing it while you are around if you are comfortable enough with your work relationship. If not, just make sure you have plenty of sanitizer at your desk and hope they don’t become too chummy with you either.

Know When to Rest

Some people can take a cold and it isn’t a problem. However, that isn’t your choice to make. While never being at work is obviously a major issue, one of the worst things you can do is to come to work while you are sick. According to Monster, if you are sick, then stay away from work. Even if you are forced to come in, see if you can prevent any transfer of your illness to others. It might seem like a good idea to tough it out at the office for a day, but if it robs your entire team of their health for a week or two then it really isn’t a wise decision. Do whatever you can do to minimize infections or passing of germs.

You have to find a way to make your place of work bearable for as long as possible. After all, unless you are ready to retire, then you really don’t have a choice. Know your rights and make sure you aren’t infringing upon anyone else’s. That being said, you will also want to come up with the best way to avoid the problems in the workplace and know how to resolve them before they become too big.

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