Follow these simple steps to improve your personal finances in 2017



Jan. 1 is as good a day as any to confront your financial New Year’s resolutions. Yes, you’d probably like to put it off until the 2nd, but that’s what you did last year. Then the 2nd turned into the 3rd, and then it’s July, and you might as well wait until next year. For 2017, seize the day and make your resolutions on the 1st.

When it comes to resolutions, most people know where their finances are weak. Maybe you don’t save much, carry too much credit card or mortgage debt, haven’t reviewed your investments in five years, or never put together a budget. Any one of these items is worthy of a New Year’s resolution.

Yet, most people make resolutions and don’t stick to them. The problem is they usually bite off more than they can chew. They see several areas that need improvement and decide to improve them all at once. While that’s admirable, it often leaves people feeling defeated when they realize they aren’t getting any of them done.

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