How to End the Year on a Positive Financial Note


We’re in the final week of 2016, and there’s one thing that most people can agree on: It was a memorable year. Whether it was positive or negative, that’s up to you — as is how you finish it. End this year on a productive note for your personal finances with the following ideas:

Make Your Charitable Contributions Now

Whether you’re making them in cash or appreciated securities, now is a great time to send off last-minute charitable contributions. This is especially true if you’ll likely be in a lower tax bracket next year — pre-retirees, take note. “Tax rates are not going to be higher next year,” says Kelly Graves, Certified Financial Planner at Carroll Financial Associates.

If you go the route of donating appreciated securities, it works like this: If you bought a company’s stock at $50 a share and sell it at $100, donating it to charity means you don’t have to pay tax on the added value. (You would have to if you kept it.)

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