What Donald Trump Will Mean For America’s Personal Finances



By prnewswire.com

Personal Capital, the leading online financial advisory firm, today released its 2016 election report, a guide that investors can use to evaluate the short-term and long-term market and personal finance implications of a Trump presidency.

“Our advice to the 1.2 million Americans who use our free tools to manage over $270 billion in assets, and our advice to any investor is to avoid letting short-term political gyrations affect long-term investment strategies,” said Bill Harris, CEO of Personal Capital. “The next president doesn’t have a true impact on market performance long-term. There are strategies that anyone can use to optimize their financial plans around the President-elect’s new policies on taxes, social security, education or health care.”

In order to determine how each of Trump’s new policies affects investors, Personal Capital examined Trump’s current proposals to help Americans create financial action plans and make informed investing decisions.

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