We Asked Students If They Know Anything About Personal Finance



By Jake Kivanç

A few days ago, after anguishing over my most recent credit card statement, I began to think about the ways I could better handle my money. Aside from deciding to Uber less, and pledging to buy groceries instead of ordering takeout, I also made a folder for receipts and paycheques—which I labelled “TAXES AND SHIT”—so that, when it comes time, I can hopefully file my own tax returns and get some solid money back.

I know I’m not the only financially dysfunctional student out here—almost all of my friends, whether they’re 18 or 28, have no fucking clue how to manage their money. After all, tax returns and RRSPs aren’t taught in Canadian high schools—which is why a new petition from a member of the City of Toronto’s Youth Cabinet pushing for that very thing to happen is so appealing. Who doesn’t wish they learned about some of life’s toughest bureaucratic bullshit before they had to deal with said bureaucratic bullshit?

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