Wall Street Is Betting $2.1 Trillion That U.S. Rates Will Rise



By Min Zeng

Wall Street has never been so sure that interest rates are about to rise.

Investor bets on rising U.S. short-term rates hit the highest ever last week in the eurodollar-futures market, at $2.1 trillion. That breaks a record set in 2014, said Cheng Chen, U.S. rates strategist at TD Securities, citing data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission going back to 1993.

It is the latest sign that the election of Donald Trump is reshaping financial markets around the globe. Investors have been scrambling for the past two weeks to position themselves for a Trump presidency that they believe will mean higher growth, higher inflation and a Federal Reserve that will be under pressure to raise interest rates in a way that hasn’t been seen for more than a decade.

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