In personal finance, there’s a gender divide



By John Ninfo

I turned 70 this week, and I must tell you a personal story that does relate to personal finances. It involves my number two tip in my CARE presentations, which is that “CASH IS KING.”

Regular readers of this column know that studies show that people who use cash for their spending make different, and, from my own experience, “better” spending decisions. They spend less. It is about being more connected to your hard-earned money, so that you remember how hard you worked for it, and want to get good value for it. It connects you in ways that paying with a card or a phone never can.

In my presentations, I hold up my money clip and tell the audience that I usually carry about $70 in cash with me all the time. By the way, I make sure that it is $70 before every presentation, just in case someday someone challenges me to count it out. I happened to mention it to one of the New Visions teachers when I was there this week. He said, that’s good, since now that you are 70, and are having more senior moments, which I kid about that all the time, you will be able to remember how much cash to carry — your age.

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