EMV ‘chip’ credit cards have some surprising haters: Millennials

AH0FXN Various Credit Cards
AH0FXN Various Credit Cards
AH0FXN Various Credit Cards

By Erin El Issa

It’s been just over a year since the rules around credit card fraud changed, creating an incentive for banks to issue cards with EMV chips and merchants to accept them.

Consumers have adapted well. According to a recent survey by NerdWallet and Harris Poll, 78% of Americans view EMV cards in a positive way. But you wouldn’t know that if you searched Twitter for “chip cards” and read the thousands of funny, but exaggerated, accounts of how long it takes to process an EMV transaction.

So if Americans approve of EMV, why are we seeing so many complaints? According to the survey, Millennials are the only generation to prefer traditional magstripe cards over EMV. And Millennials do love Twitter.

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