4 Personal Finance Tips for New Parents



By Maurie Backman

Having a baby can change your life in more ways than you might imagine, and that includes your finances. Babies have a way of magically zapping their parents’ financial resources as easily as they do their energy, and while it’s harder to cope with the latter, you can protect yourself from the former by following these four tips.

1. Create a new budget

Perhaps you had a budget before your baby arrived, and if so, that’s certainly a good start. But now that there’s a baby in the mix, those numbers are highly likely to change. From diapers to clothing to feeding supplies, caring for a new baby takes money. And then there’s child care, which is a major point of financial stress for so many new parents. (On the plus side, you’ll probably spend less money on nightlife, as your new baby will become your life — so there’s a bit of savings there.)

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