Good idea to explore skill sets of financial planners before engaging



By Rick Kahler

I am tormented by the guilt of inheriting millions of dollars.” I heard this statement from a young man who had inherited his parents’ fortune. He was being interviewed by George Kinder, founder of the Kinder Institute, at a training session in 2000.

I remember that moment clearly, not so much because of the statement but because of my reaction, which was one of disdain, disgust, and envy. How could anyone who “had it made” come up with such an incredulously heartless, self-centered view of his lot in life? I wanted to shout, “You need to get a grip and grow up. I would love to have the problems you do!

At that time I was only beginning my own exploration of the emotional issues that complicate our relationships with money. I have since learned how deep and painful these issues can be, regardless of someone’s level of income or net worth.

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