Veterans: You Can Write A Million Dollar Memoir Now


If you’re like millions of others, over the years, you may have daydreamed of writing a memoir. Hopefully not a thick, dry autobiography on the dust shelves of yesteryear, but a fresh, new slice-of-life memoir right out of your own memory! Generals, politicians and movie stars write (often boring or stuffy) autobiographies spanning their whole lives.

memoirModern day memoirists write about a certain, exciting or interesting time from their memories, a “slice of life” memoir.


For instance, Frank McCort, author of the bestselling “Angela’s Ashes”, wrote about growing up dirt-poor in the slums of Limmerick, Ireland and the influence of his ne’r-do-well drunken father.

He ended that tough-telling of his younger years when he finally realized his dream of reaching America when he was 19, a span of 12 years. Or Jennifer Walls’ terrific memoir “The Glass Castle” where her family moves constantly during her childhood searching unsuccessfully for funds to build her father’s magical glass castle.

This book is an excellent resource to students, educators, memoir enthusiasts, and all writers! The author shares a great deal of knowledge on the subject of writing memoirs, and writing, in general. The author is clearly an expert on the subject of memoirs, and writing alike. The author also shares interesting perspectives, as well as first hand experiences.

The guidelines outlined are highly informational and also entertaining! There is a lot of great information and humor throughout all the chapters. I highly recommend this exceptional book to anyone who enjoys learning, reading, writing and/or easy reads!

These are the modern kinds of Million Dollar Memoirs I’m talking about. And you can write one of your own! This book can show you how!

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