Personal Finance Failures and Money Problems Can Be a Good Thing




By Sam Becker

Just about everybody experiences money problems. Unless you’re born into the upper crust, odds are you or your family will go through some sort of personal finance catastrophe at some point. Actually, in all likelihood, you’ll probably go through many trying financial times over the course of your life.

Financial issues can destroy families, impact your health, and even kill you in some cases. And even if you’ve done everything you should have to prepare for an economic downturn or medical catastrophe, you can still end up seeing your savings and safety net vaporized with a single mistake.

As most of us aren’t part of the upper class, money and personal finance issues are more or less a fixture in our lives. We’re always striving to keep our heads above water, to pay the rent or mortgage, and if we’re lucky, try to save for a new toy or vacation.

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