How to Navigate 5 Embarrassing Money Situations



By Geoff Williams

We’ve all been there, suddenly needing cash that we don’t have. On a date that gets pricier than expected, crossing our sweaty fingers in hopes that the dinner bill isn’t declined. At the checkout line with a cart full of groceries, horrified when the tally bigfoots the bills available in our wallet. Checking out after a veterinary appointment only to discover that those tests for Fido? Surprise! They’re exponentially more than what you have on hand.

It’s precisely in these moments that we realize: Things are about to get awkward. Since there is no universal instruction booklet on how we should handle ourselves when we discover we’re out of money at an inopportune time, consider this your uncomfortable-money-situation manual.

Your car breaks down – and you can’t pay for it. Whatever you do, stay in contact with those doing the work. This is no time for fight-or-flight responses. Say your car is at a mechanic’s, and you can’t afford to get it fixed and can’t drive it away because it’s on the fritz. Don’t bolt. Repeat: Don’t bolt. Your car may not be there when you finally pull together your money.

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