When you are looking for a place to Retire

senior couple watching the sunset

senior couple watching the sunset

I am excited and ready to retire next month. I have been a responsible adult, working hard for 40+ years. I have cared for three children and a home, for the same length of time. Our home has accrued equity, which we will use to begin the next phase in our life. My wife and I can relax and enjoy life, free from our previous commitments. Our dream is to retire in a community, supported by an active lifestyle, certainly not a sedentary lifestyle in a nursing home.

A Community That Suits Our Needs

After thoroughly researching several retirement communities across the U.S., we selected an active adult community near Summerville, S.C. This neighborhood has numerous amenities that can foster our new lifestyle. Our plans include lots of indoor and outdoor activities as well as musical diversity. Our new community boasts about the high quality and profuse selection of visual, decorative and performing arts.

My wife and I are connoisseurs of delectable meals at choice eateries. We love to eat and enjoy the best wines, spirits and beers made for the simple pleasures in life.  Summerville offers a balanced fusion of activity and relaxation, in a friendly environment. I belong to the strongly independent generation known as baby boomers. Baby boomers are unique in many ways. They know exactly what they want; they want the best and they will not settle for any cheap imitations.

The Baby Boomer Generation

Like other baby boomers, I am reasonably healthy and active. My wife and I prefer living in a community with a comprehensive health care system that is firmly established. We want and expect the complete package of comfortable amenities, as well as an abundance of quality homes, with attractively landscaped yards.

I have the financial means and the time to enjoy this new lifestyle. Summerville, SC has everything my wife and I are looking for, in a retirement community. Summerville, exudes wholesome goodness and southern hospitality. Neighbors are friendly and kind, with a sincere devotion to their neighbors.

Summerville History

In the early 1700’s, it became a picturesque retreat for a small number of residents. This quaint little town is surrounded by a profusion of pine trees and blooming Azalea flowers. For this reason, it’s called the “Flower Town in the Pines.”

Dr. Charles Shepherd, who owned the Pinehurst Tree Farm, helped establish Summerville, as the birthplace of “sweet tea.” I can imagine my wife and I sitting on the veranda, sipping some refreshing sweet tea. Retirement i n Summerville will taste as sweet as their tea.

Exciting Activities

  •  Wine strolls are held every Wednesday through Middleton’s scenic gardens, with different wine regions sampled in different garden settings weekly.
  • The Summerville Orchestra regales audiences with the melodious compositions of modern and classical composers.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are available every Saturday at the Farmers Market.
  • And there is the Black Hat Trilogy, with new comedic performances given by talented residents.

I retired from work, and now we actively indulge in life.

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