How (and Why) Men and Women Retire Differently

Rear view of a couple sitting on chairs at the boardwalk

Rear view of a couple sitting on chairs at the boardwalk

By Maryalene LaPonsie

The differences between men and women don’t end at age 65. Financial experts say there are gender differences not only in how people live in retirement, but also in how they approach it.

“We found men were slightly more likely to find the transition to retirement easier,” says Cathy McCabe, senior managing director of the Field Consulting Group at TIAA. The financial services organization recently released the findings from its Voices of Experience report, which surveyed 1,500 retirees who are TIAA plan participants.

The ease of transition is only one thing that makes men and women different when it comes to their retirement years.

Excitement and fear mark retirement expectations. According to finance professionals, men and women seem to be motivated by different feelings when it comes time to actually transition from the workforce. Men may approach retirement as an extended vacation, while women are likely to focus more on the unknowns presented by this life change.

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