4 tips for getting your credit score in shape for summer



By Odysseas Papadimitriou

Memorial Day is here. That means it’s crunch time, and not just for those of us focused on shedding pounds and squeezing into swimsuits. Time’s also running out to bulk up your credit score for summer fun.

Making a beach-season workout buddy out of your credit score is wise not only in the sense that better credit generally saves you money, but also because there’s still time to qualify for a rewards credit card capable of saving you as much as $800 over the next four months. Plus, if you’re counting calories with summer love in mind, it’s worth noting that 78% of people in committed relationships consider financial skills to be more important than physical appearance, according to a Citibank Survey.

So here’s a quick four-step workout to get your credit score in shape for summer:

1. Check your credit score.

2. Review your credit report for errors. 

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