4 Steps to Take Immediately After Your Home Is Burglarized



By Geoff Williams

The first time Kim Terca’s San Francisco apartment was burglarized six years ago, it wasn’t too traumatic. It wasn’t fun, but at least she had roommates with whom she could commiserate, and the laptops that were taken were rather old. Overall, it seemed like she emerged from the experience relatively lucky and had learned a life lesson: She promptly took out renters insurance.

The second time Terca was burglarized was more unsettling, however. It was a new apartment, sans roommates, and it happened on Christmas Eve, 2014. Terca, a marketing director, returned on Christmas Day to find much of her place cleaned out. The robber left the furniture and, well, plenty of her belongings, but many things were gone – irreplaceable family jewelry, all of her sunglasses, her Christmas gifts, her TV, her electronics.

“He even took my toothpaste,” she says.

There are approximately 2 million burglaries every year in the U.S., according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If you, like Terca, discover you’ve been burglarized, take these steps immediately.

  • Call the pólice.
  • Call your insurance agent.
  • Get better security for your home.
  • Do some digging.

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