Turbo-Charge Your Finances With The Power Of Mindful Spending



By Maggie McGrath

There’s a school of thought that says that if you need to re-organize part of your life – your diet, your house, even your email inbox – you should start from scratch. Go on acleanse or elimination diet, nuke the inbox and Marie Kondo-your dwelling by purging it of everything that doesn’t bring you joy. Go back to the basics and rebuild from there.

If you feel like your spending is out of control, your wallet might be in need of a similar approach. This isn’t to say you should throw out your actual, physical wallet; rather,what you need to do is “throw out” your spending habits by embarking on a no-spending day.

A no-spending day is exactly what it sounds like: a day in which you do not spend any money. Some people do a no-spending week or no-spending month, and these adventurous roommates even went through a no-spending year, but regardless of the length of time for which you make spending off limits, the objective is the same: to become more mindful about how you’re spending your money.

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