Simple Rules Of Personal Finance



By Dee Lee

Last year I found a website, The Simple Dollar, which is all about keeping financial stuff as simple as you can. I liked a column titled “60 Simple Rules of Personal Finance”.

Of course there was an immediate rapport with author Trent Hamm because much of his advice is similar to what I have been espousing for years.

I would love to review all of the rules this week but won’t have the time. You can connect directly with The Simple Dollar from our website here.

Some of the rules are great and some I would take issue with.

Spend less than you earn. Sounds so very simple and for many it seems impossible. But there are enough stories from folks who have gotten out from under credit card debt and have made a financial come back that there is hope. Start saving with your first paycheck.

  • Keep everything as simple as possible.
  • Focus on building an emergency fund.
  • Don’t ever let your “future self” take care of your current situation.

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