Coffee with your investing? At Society of Grownups, a cozy twist to financial planning.



By Corey Fedde

From the outside, the Society of Grownupsheadquarters looks like a trendy cafe, complete with stylishly cluttered bookshelves, wood paneling, and plenty of coffee. But inside, it’s all business.

At this financial wellness center just outside downtown Boston, young professionals sip refreshments, mingle, and attend a wide array of workshops – many of which blur the line between fiscal instruction and basic life skills: “No Cereal for Dinner,” for example, explains how to plan meals in order to save money. Customers also can sign up for financial checkups to discuss life goals and spending plans with certified planners. The overarching objective is good personal finance, but no one talks about budgets.

“We don’t like the term ‘budget,’ because it can be constraining,” says Steve Taylor, a certified financial planner at Society of Grownups. “We like terming it as ‘spending plan,’ because that is geared specifically toward your goals and values.”

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