NVBDC Connects Certified Veteran Businesses and American Corporations

business team with a businesswoman walking forward leading it - be different concept - isolated over a white background

business team with a businesswoman walking forward leading it - be different concept - isolated over a white background

by Kieth King, National Veteran Business Development Council, U.S. Army 1969-1971

Magna International, a leading global automotive supplier, has named the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC) as the non-governmental third-party certification program for their Service Disabled (SDVOB) and Veteran Owned Business (VOB) suppliers.

Brigadier General (ret) Dick Miller, NVBDC Vice President, said “as a former deputy commanding general of an Infantry division with troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, I’ve seen the best that America has to offer and I salute Magna International for recognizing the skills and knowledge that our Veterans have and are willing to add them to their supplier network. These veterans have been working on and in some cases helped build some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world”.

Keith King, NVBDC President said; “We set out to build the “Gold Standard” in Veteran Owned Business Certification for our Veterans and corporate America and we are proud to add Magna International to our growing list of major supporters-AT&T, Kellogg, 3M, GM, Ford, DMS, Consumers Energy, Veteran Support Foundation and more-I think we are well on our way to achieving that. We are very thankful to have the support of such leading corporations.”

If you, or someone you know, is interested in getting their Service Disabled/Veteran Owned Business Certified by the nation’s leading third-party SDVOB & VOB Certification Authority, then please go to nvbdc.org to learn more.
Or, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll contact you to discuss your business’ needs.

nvbdcAbout the NVBDC

The National Veteran Business Development Council is the only third party Veteran Owned Business Certification program in the United States and is organized as a 501c3 not for profit foundation.

The NVBDC was created for the purpose of providing a credible and reliable certifying authority that would ensure that valid documentation exists of a business’ Veteran ownership and control.

Many lucrative businesses opportunities are available to Veteran Owned Businesses through the Supplier Diversity programs offered at many companies and government agencies. In fact, the total spend available to qualifying businesses is estimated to be in excess of $80 Billion annually.

Because the existing Federal Government CVE Veteran Owned Business Certification only covers small businesses, medium and large businesses are left with no acceptable mechanism for establishing bona fide Veteran Owned Business status. In addition, many businesses have complained that the existing CVE certification process is difficult to understand and takes much too long to achieve.

Kieth King, President NVBDC

With the NVBDC’s FASTRACK process, businesses that have already established existing Minority Status with the any of the following organizations can qualify for Veteran Owned Business Certification in as little as 30 days

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National Veteran Business Development Council
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