Get a head start on your 2016 finances




Hey, look at the calendar. There’s only three more days left in 2015 – so get your New Year’s resolutions warmed up. What are you going to do about that flabby portfolio, that out-of-shape 401(k) plan and that uninspired estate plan? Well, today is tomorrow’s yesterday, so get to marching.

We picked up four 2016 investment guides to see if any of these smart alecks had a clue.


Led by Editor Alan Murray, Fortune has an 88-page investor’s guide that is far and away the best of show. The robust offering (the largest of any business magazine not able to fall back on profits from data terminals) gives both a macro, global view from a panel of experts but also mixes those viewpoints with industry-specific trends to picks stocks they think stand the best chance of being winners. The title picks airline stocks, Google and Microsoft over Apple, and down-beaten Volkswagen.

Talented staff writer Erin Griffith has an over-the-top profile of SoftBank CEO-in-waiting Nikesh Arora. After she accompanied the successful former Google executive on a weeklong trip to India, we can understand the praise — but a little more perspective would perhaps serve the reader, and prospective investor, better.

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