U.S. schools should follow Utah’s lead in teaching financial literacy in the classroom



By John Hoffmire

How do college students behave financially and plan for the future? Are college students’ financial planning skills getting better over time?

Those are the questions that Money Matters on Campus has tried to answer.

Money Matters on Campus, a study conducted by EverFi and sponsored by Higher One, details the findings from a three-year survey of 43,000 college students from around the United States. Ultimately, the survey strives to understand how college students behave financially and plan for the future.

Money Matters on Campus recently released its 2014-15 report that highlights some very interesting findings and trends among college students and their financial behaviors. The study points out that although the amount of financial experience among incoming college students is increasing, their basic financial management planning skills are not improving. This is a very serious problem.

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