Facebook hits an all-time high after earnings beat (FB)



By Robert Galbraith

Facebook stock hit an all-time high in after-hours after the company reported its Q3 earnings, beating analyst expectations on the top and bottom line.

Here are the most important numbers:

  • Revenue: $4.5 billion vs. analyst expectations of $4.37 billion, up 41% year-over-year.
  • Adjusted EPS: $0.57 vs. analyst expectations of $0.52.
  • MAUs: 1.55 billion monthly active users vs. 1.52 billion expected.

The after-hours stock was up nearly 5% initially, dipped down to +2%, and settled around 4% after the earnings call. At about 107.7, Facebook’s stock is at a new all-time high and shares are up roughly 25% since mid-August.

None of the numbers reported in the release were hugely surprising. Its expenses were up 68% year-over-year, but the company had previously said that it plans to invest heavily this year. Also as expected, Facebook saw an increase in the percentage of its revenue coming from mobile.

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