Beware! 5 Black Friday scams



By Courtney Jespersen

Black Friday is nearly here, which means it’s time for Americans everywhere to bundle up, hit the stores and fill their shopping carts with reduced-price electronics and gifts.

But it’s not all cheer and joy that shoppers will find this holiday season. Before you follow up your turkey dinner by feasting on sales, here are the top scams you should watch out for.

  • Digital double-timing
  • Faux online stores
  • Gift card gimmicks
  • Endless exclusions

Dubious delivery confirmations

Many Black Friday shoppers go online to buy their gifts, and scammers know it.

Fraudsters have been known to send out fake emails supposedly confirming the delivery of purchased products but filled with phishing links and virus-filled downloads. This is especially problematic for shoppers who indeed have made online purchases and are awaiting the arrival of legitimate delivery confirmations, but get these phony ones instead.

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