Wal-Mart Seeks FAA Approval To Test Drone Delivery



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Supermarket giant Wal-Mart applied with the federal regulator, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), on Monday to test drones for use in home deliveries and at its distribution centers and outlets. It has actually been making indoor testing of two types of drones for several months, Phantom 3 and S900, both made by Chinese firm SZ DJI Technology.

After the pilot tests, Wal-Mart is ready to put them to use, said Wal-Mart spokesman Dan Toporek, reports The New York Times. He says the drones would perform also inventory work at its million-square-foot distribution centers as well as home deliveries.

The drones would be ideal for stores that are within five miles of 70 percent of the U.S. population which would give Wal-Mart close reach to get to a lot of its customers, Toporek says.

Toporek explains, “You test for a reason because you learn during tests and you tend to evolve and figure out which approaches are most compelling to customers and most efficient for the business,” quotes USA Today.

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