Consider These Essential Things to Guarantee a Successful Exhibition Stand Design

Image by: Phil Manker

When it comes down to the design of your exhibition stand, you want it to stand out from the crowd whilst reflecting your brand’s personality. An eye-catching and memorable design is vital if you want to stand out amongst the competition. In a crowded exhibition venue, this can be a struggle. However, if you think about the right things when you consider designing your stand, you will be able to achieve something engaging and vibrant instead of dull and lacklustre.

If you want to have a successful exhibition, you need to attract the attention of passersby so that they feel inclined to enter your booth and want to find out more about your brand. The stand is the window display for your store. It is what entices people and so the design should be taken seriously. From the graphics to the furniture, there are many things to consider when planning for your next exhibition. That is why having a checklist of things to think about during the planning phase is essential for everything to run seamlessly.

If you are new to the exhibition scene, you must consider…

  • The aims you want to achieve from the exhibition. For example, do you want to boost awareness of a certain product or service? Do you want to increase brand awareness and get your sales rising? These are all things you will need to consider.
  •  Keep your target audience at the forefront of your mind. Never forget who you are targeting. Consider their demographics so your marketing technique becomes much more targeted and specific.
  • Will this be long-term? Considering where this marketing avenue will go in the future will help you know where to invest your money. If it is simply because you are launching a new product, you may not want to spend as much as if you were to buy or hire a stand which you will use for many exhibitions to come.
  •  Keep your budget clear in mind. When designing exhibition stands, it can be easy to go over the budget. When you think about all the additional things you can add to jazz up your stand, you may start to get carried away. So stick to your brief and stay within your budget so the exhibition can continue to be a cost effective marketing method for your brand.

Consider the design and technical requirements:

When you start looking at exhibition stands for hire, it can be easy to become bogged down with the visuals. Of course, the design of your stand is extremely important. However, if the technical aspects get missed, the outcome of your design will not be how you planned. So it’s important to get the balance right from the start and consider:

  • The layout of the exhibition – Looking at the map of the exhibition hall you will be able to gauge the flow of people’s traffic from the entrance and areas such as the lunch hall. Even though it may seem more effective to face an entrance, it can sometimes work out better if you are next to a popular attraction in the exhibition hall. So think carefully when choosing your location.
  • Where you have chosen to place your stand – This may influence your design and the type of stand you choose.
  • What services do you need? – Will you need waste, electricity, Wi-Fi connectivity?
  • Think about the furniture? – For example, will you be holding private meetings in your stand? Do you want customers to come in and sit down for a while?
  • The text – Ensure any text you incorporate is succinct and to the point. The text you use needs to be powerful and grab the attention of someone in an instant so simplicity is key.
  • The images – Any graphics you use should be easy to understand and grasp in a single glance. Anything too complex may confuse and bewilder the customer. So once again keeping it simple goes a long way.

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