Three ways to avoid guilt over taking a vacation




By all accounts, Iceland is one of the most magical places on Earth: A landscape of soaring glaciers, lava fields, steaming hot springs and black-sand beaches. And Mina Black could not focus on any of it.

The 36-year-old financial planner from New York took a trip there this summer with her husband and new daughter. But for some reason, she was wracked with guilt about everything she needed to be doing back home: Contacting clients and prospects, putting together new workshops – even just doing regular chores around the house.

She spent most of the trip making sure she had Wifi so she would be connected to all her tasks back home.

That pervasive sense of guilt is familiar to many of us. Even when it makes no logical sense – Mina Black fully deserved her vacation time – we are still haunted by the idea that we should be doing something else.

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