Should you trust a healthcare trainee to save a few bucks?




When she was in college, Traci Lowenthal went to her university’s health service training clinic for psychological services. It saved her $3,000 and inspired her career choice.

Now a licensed clinical psychologist and owner of Creative Insights Counseling in Redlands, California, Lowenthal has supervised scores of graduate students and interns who treat patients in a supervised clinical setting for reduced fees.

As any reader of the classic children’s book series featuring Ramona Quimby knows, trying to save money by seeing trainees can be a mixed bag. At the beauty school the Quimbys frequented, Ramona loved her pixie cut, but her big sister Beezus left in tears over a bouffant.

Hair is one thing, but what about your teeth, your eyes and your emotions? Call any major university and they are likely to have a training clinic for dental, ophthalmology, psychology and even veterinary services.

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